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A tradition of the best hospitality services in Chania

Experience one of the best hospitality services in Chania, the Cretan Dream Resort & Spa way.

Chania, and Crete in general, have a long tradition of providing hospitality services that are among the best in the world. And there is good reason for that.

Many decades ago, when tourism in Southern Europe started becoming popular, visitors to Greece were amazed by the friendliness of the locals, who routinely went out of their way to serve them better. This was more prevalent in Crete, where the local traditional hospitality was so warm that visitors were treated like a member of their host’s family. And this spirit of taking great care for the visitor, is still alive in today’s top hospitality services in Chania.


The story of the tradition of hospitality in Chania: From farmers and fishermen to successful hoteliers

Today, the tourism industry has a set of certain guidelines and rules that make it far easier for someone starting out to get up to speed with professional hospitality. But when tourism in Chania and Crete was at its beginnings in the 50s and 60s, the situation was very different.

At that time, most people in the countryside of Crete and Greece – and in most of Southern Europe – were farmers, breeders or fishermen. And they tried to do their best for the ever growing number of tourists, without any formal tourism education.

It was at that time that the tradition of hospitality in Chania and Crete made all the difference. The locals treated the visitors like family members, which caused a large mouth to mouth spontaneous promotion from the visitors themselves, that through the years and the decades made Crete famous for the authentic, unpretentious hospitality of its people.

Things moved forward, and the hospitality sector in Crete boomed. More organized hospitality services were offered, and more and more hotels were being managed by people who had studied tourism as a profession. But this spirit of the traditional hospitality is still present in many forms, even in the younger generations of the people in Chania.

Although many changes have taken place in the last 60 years, Chania and Crete are still known all over the world for their top hospitality services and tradition. And you can still trace this tradition in the Cretan temperament.


Cretan Dream Resort & Spa: The hotel where the tradition of hospitality in Chania meets professionalism, to create one of the best holiday experiences for you.

In Cretan Dream Resort & Spa we take our hospitality services very seriously, as the quality of your accommodation experience largely depends on it. This is the reason that at the core of our actions is you, our guest.

We constantly strive to find the ideal balance between the outstanding hospitality tradition of Chania, and the professionalism and know-how of our people. And this allows us to offer you new services, but also new ways of serving you, which better fit your particular needs.

As always, the best to judge our efforts in providing you top hospitality services in Chania is you, our valued guest. Hence, every time you let us know that it was that – seemingly small – detail, which we took great care of, the reason for having a great holiday experience, this is the best reward we can have for our work.

Chania and Crete in general have managed to grow and sustain one of the best hospitality traditions, and a worldwide reputation as top destinations. This is the reason many visitors return back to this one-of-a-kind place again and again, for holidays that will be remembered for years to come.

On top of that, in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa we proactively take care of all the important details of your holiday experience, big or small. This way, we can constantly offer you, year after year, one of the best hospitality services in Chania.