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Couples holidays in Chania in a luxury spa hotel

Chania is the place where you can have the best couples holidays of your life. And your stay in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa luxury spa hotel will greatly enhance your experience.

There is no better place for couples holidays than Chania. The city and the whole region is full of romantic places, where you can see and feel much more than you expect. And Cretan Dream Resort luxury spa hotel is here to make your vacation so much better.

Although the things you can do in your holidays as a couple in Chania are too much to mention in a single article, there are some places that stand out and considered the best. We’ ll see about all these – and more – right away.

Couples holidays in Chania – Welcome to one of the best destinations

Cretans really love to take care of couples and families as their guests. The long history of the island, spanning no less than 6 millennia, is full of myths and stories about couples. Possibly the most known of these myths is that of Zeus and Europe, who the king of the gods felt deeply in love with, and who he essentially abducted transformed into a stunningly beautiful bull.

All over the island, and especially in Chania, couples get the special treatment in their holidays. The Cretans themselves are very family-oriented people, and form strong relationships between them, and the close relationship between a couple is highly respected.

We do not exaggerate when we say that by far the biggest part of the tourism infrastructure in the island has been made with couples and families in mind. This way, it will be the best possible for their precious holiday time on the island.

Couples holidays in Chania – Best places to visit

The first place that comes to mind when visiting Chania as a couple, is the Old Town of Chania. It is a wonderful modern “labyrinth” of small alleys, where you can find everything: taverns and restaurants, cafes and bars, and shops of any kind.

The architecture of the Old Town is very interesting, with amazing buildings from the Venetian, the Ottoman and the modern Greek era, all lying side by side. And the magnificent Old Venetian Harbour to the south of the Old Town, is one of the finest examples of Venetian architecture at its best.

Another great place to visit as a couple is the village of Loutro in Sfakia, in south Chania. It is essentially a small fishing village by the sea, but it is so perfectly splendid that it has been voted as the most beautiful coastal village in the Mediterranean.

Loutro is relatively isolated – you can only get there by boat, and this is a large part of its charm. Apart from that, the crystal-clear water and the laid-back friendliness of the locals, all make Loutro the perfect place to unwind in your couples holidays and come closer to your significant other.

When holidaying as a couple in Chania, you will find lots of thing to do and experience. And your accommodation plays a large part in this, so it makes perfect sense to take some time and choose it wisely.

In Cretan Dream Resort luxury spa hotel, we always cater for, and go the extra mile for our guests, with only one thing in mind: to make your couples holidays in Chania an one-of-a-kind experience.