Experience one of the best hospitality services in Chania, the Cretan Dream Resort & Spa way.

Chania, and Crete in general, have a long tradition of providing hospitality services that are among the best in the world. And there is good reason for that.

Many decades ago, when tourism in Southern Europe started becoming popular, visitors to Greece were amazed by the friendliness of the locals, who routinely went out of their way to serve them better. This was more prevalent in Crete, where the local traditional hospitality was so warm that visitors were treated like a member of their host’s family. And this spirit of taking great care for the visitor, is still alive in today’s top hospitality services in Chania.


The story of the tradition of hospitality in Chania: From farmers and fishermen to successful hoteliers

Today, the tourism industry has a set of certain guidelines and rules that make it far easier for someone starting out to get up to speed with professional hospitality. But when tourism in Chania and Crete was at its beginnings in the 50s and 60s, the situation was very different.

At that time, most people in the countryside of Crete and Greece – and in most of Southern Europe – were farmers, breeders or fishermen. And they tried to do their best for the ever growing number of tourists, without any formal tourism education.

It was at that time that the tradition of hospitality in Chania and Crete made all the difference. The locals treated the visitors like family members, which caused a large mouth to mouth spontaneous promotion from the visitors themselves, that through the years and the decades made Crete famous for the authentic, unpretentious hospitality of its people.

Things moved forward, and the hospitality sector in Crete boomed. More organized hospitality services were offered, and more and more hotels were being managed by people who had studied tourism as a profession. But this spirit of the traditional hospitality is still present in many forms, even in the younger generations of the people in Chania.

Although many changes have taken place in the last 60 years, Chania and Crete are still known all over the world for their top hospitality services and tradition. And you can still trace this tradition in the Cretan temperament.


Cretan Dream Resort & Spa: The hotel where the tradition of hospitality in Chania meets professionalism, to create one of the best holiday experiences for you.

In Cretan Dream Resort & Spa we take our hospitality services very seriously, as the quality of your accommodation experience largely depends on it. This is the reason that at the core of our actions is you, our guest.

We constantly strive to find the ideal balance between the outstanding hospitality tradition of Chania, and the professionalism and know-how of our people. And this allows us to offer you new services, but also new ways of serving you, which better fit your particular needs.

As always, the best to judge our efforts in providing you top hospitality services in Chania is you, our valued guest. Hence, every time you let us know that it was that – seemingly small – detail, which we took great care of, the reason for having a great holiday experience, this is the best reward we can have for our work.

Chania and Crete in general have managed to grow and sustain one of the best hospitality traditions, and a worldwide reputation as top destinations. This is the reason many visitors return back to this one-of-a-kind place again and again, for holidays that will be remembered for years to come.

On top of that, in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa we proactively take care of all the important details of your holiday experience, big or small. This way, we can constantly offer you, year after year, one of the best hospitality services in Chania.

If you plan your wedding in Chania, chances are you have just found the best luxury hotel to successfully host the happiest day of your life.

More and more wedding events take place in a Chania hotel each year.

This trend is constantly on the rise, and there are good reasons for that.

Chania, and Crete in general, are among the best destinations for couples that want to get married in an idyllic environment. Apart from the uniqueness of the destination itself, there is a great number of luxury hotels that can warmly host you during this very special moment of your life.

In this article you will find why Chania is the ideal place for your wedding, and a tip to help you select the best hotel for your needs.

Wedding in Chania: A select destination that stands out

It is not hard to point out the advantages of Chania and Crete as wedding destinations. Most people in Europe, not to say all over the world, know that this is a unique destination like no other.

Crete is the southernmost part of Greece, and a place with great climate. The weather is mild all year round, and in some parts of southern Crete you can even find a tropical-like climate unheard of in other areas of Europe. And good weather is of paramount importance for an unforgettable outdoor wedding and celebration in Chania.

Especially Chania region is the greenest area of Crete, with lush vegetation in many areas. The agricultural products of Chania are of the highest quality and sought after all over Greece.

But to organize a successful wedding in Chania, you need more than good weather. And Chania has all you need: expert service providers, great hotel venues and, of course, some of the most fascinating scenery and sights in the world.

Regarding the latter, in Chania region you will find some of the best beaches in Europe, like Elafonissi, Balos and Falassarna. You will also find Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe, among many other amazing natural landscapes.

We left the best for last: The enchanting Chania city, with its magnificent Old Town and Old Venetian Harbour, are a treat for the eyes. Chania city is one of the most romantic cities you will come across in your lifetime, and it is the perfect backdrop for the beginning of your new life together.

Wedding in Chania: Best luxury hotel with a service that can’t be matched

Cretan Dream Resort & Spa is located in the outskirts of Chania city, in the picturesque area of Stalos. It is placed on an elevated location overlooking the beautiful Stalos beach, one of the best beaches close to Chania city.

On top of that, the generous facilities of the hotel include a majestic pool and a known spa. Not to mention the top-class accommodation, which can be as luxury, or as simple as you like.

However, what really set us apart, as the ideal hotel for your wedding in Chania, is the top quality of our service. Since the day we opened doors for our clients, our main goal is one and only: to help you have the time of your life while in Chania. And we achieve this goal by combining the long hospitality tradition of the warm-hearted Cretans, with the professionalism and total care for our guests.

The success of your wedding in Chania has a lot to do with choosing the best hotel for your needs. And Cretan Dream Resort & Spa should be on top of your list.

Chania is the perfect place to host the happiest day of your life. And in Cretan Dream Resort luxury hotel we will be pleased to make your wedding in Chania an experience you will keep in you heart for ever.

Stalos is better than Agia Marina or Platanias for your holidays in Chania, regarding both beaches and ease of access to all the great attractions in the Chania area.

Stalos is better than Agia Marina or Platanias for you holidays in Chania. This is a bold, but true statement, as Stalos has multiple holiday advantages that you should know of.

Agia Marina and Platanias are known resorts, and for many visitors to Chania, they are great micro-destinations in their own. But exactly their high popularity is what makes Stalos a better place to stay for visitors in-the-know. In this article, you will find out in detail why Stalos is the best place to stay close to Chania city, something that the seasoned travelers to Chania already know.

Why Stalos is better than Agia Marina or Platanias – The beaches

Everybody knows about the great organized beaches of Agia Marina and Platanias, where great stretches of sand, along with the endless number of taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars, make an outstanding holiday destination. But if you explore the area, and move a little to the east, you will find the magnificent beach of Stalos, which truly stands out.

Stalos has a splendid 2-kilometers sandy beach, with crystal-clear water, that amazes even the most demanding visitor. In fact, the beach of Stalos is the first part of the 6-kilometers long stretch of sand that continues to the beaches of Agia Marina and Platanias.

A big advantage of Stalos beach is its size: In contrast to the beaches of Agia Marina and Platanias, the beach of Stalos is remarkably wide (reminiscent of the famous Brazilian beaches). And the fine sand of Stalos beach, is perfect for sports like beach volley, beach rackets, or simply playing or running on the beach.

Apart from that, in the beach of Stalos you will find sufficient sun beds and parasols, taverns, snack bars, beach bars etc. to cover all you needs. But, at the same time, you can also find parts of the large beach that are calm and more isolated, where you can deeply relax by the beach, even during the high season.

Finally, if you are staying in Stalos, you have easier access to the great beaches that are closer to Chania city. The best of these beaches, Agioi Apostoloi beach is very close to Stalos beach.

Why Stalos is better than Agia Marina or Platanias – The distances

Stalos is in a distance of just 7 kilometers from Chania city. This makes it far easier to get to the city than Agia Marina and Platanias. Which, in turn, makes it easier to combine the calm, beautiful environment of Stalos, with all the great sights Chania city has to offer, like the magnificent Old Town and the one-of-its-kind Old Venetian Harbour.

Another thing that stands out in Stalos, is the ease with which you can get to all the other great sights in the area. There is a direct connection from Stalos to the National Road of Crete to the south, allowing you easy access to all the great attraction of the region of Chania.

Last but not least, during the high season in summer, if you are staying in Agia Marina or Platanias, the traffic in their narrow roads can be dense at times. This is not a problem in Stalos, where traffic is always at reasonable levels.

These are the main reasons why, in many respects, Stalos is better than Agia Marina or Platanias for your holidays in Chania. And an added advantage for Stalos, is of course, Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, which offers you top-class accommodation for unforgettable holidays n Chania.

If you want to visit Chania this summer, and you are looking for the best place to stay close to Chania city, look no further: Stalos is ideal for your holidays, providing more advantages and value for your money than the known resorts of Agia Marina and Platanias to the west.

September holidays in Chania: Try them, feel the pleasant weather, experience the ideal water temperature while swimming, do all the great things Chania offers (exactly like in summer), and you will never look back…

September holidays in Chania? Absolutely! In fact, many visitors in-the-know who come to Crete again and again, prefer to visit the island this time of the year, when the weather and swimming conditions are ideal, and there is never a shortage of interesting things to do.

First of all, September holidays in Chania feels – and is – like summer holidays, albeit the place is less crowded than in August. Especially in the first half of September, in Crete you cannot tell the difference in weather from August (the fact that Crete is the southernmost part of Europe obviously helps…).

September holidays in Chania: Weather and swimming

Imagine swimming and sunbathing in the amazing beaches of Chania, with less people around than in the busy summer months. Now, imagine that the weather is great and the temperature of the crystal-clear water is warm, just like in the summer. This is what beach holidays in Chania in September look like.

Chania has some of the best beaches in Europe, like Elafonissi, Balos, Falassarna, and the Paleochora beaches, which draw an increasing number of visitors every holiday season. But why follow the crowds of August, and not visit in September, when the sea temperature in Chania is the same, but the people competing for “a place under the sun” are considerably less? Yes, you guessed it, September is the best month for your holidays in Chania, if swimming in the stunning local beaches are a big part of your schedule.

In September, there are still many visitors in Chania, but not as many as in August. On the other hand, the locals, who also flock to the beaches in August, go back to business-as-usual right after, so, although September is by any means not a “month of isolation”, it is much less crowded than August.

Regarding weather conditions, the first half of the month is practically the same as in August. In the second half there might be a passing shower once a week, or you may sometimes need a thin jacket at night, but the warm night breeze is welcoming, as in the daytime it is still pretty hot (and, did we say, great for swimming?)

September holidays in Chania: Things to do

Fact: In September there is not a thing less to do in Chania than in August. Everything on the island operates normally: the hotels, the taverns and restaurants, the cafes, bars and clubs, and 100% of the sights to see and the things to do. The only thing different is that you get to experience all of these with less people around (which is great for a popular destination like Chania).

It is in September that the magnificent Old Town and the adjacent Old Venetian Harbour of Chania are in their best. You need time and calmness to really take in the unique vibe of these one-of-a-kind places, and September is the best time to do so.

The same is true for your holiday visits to the splendid museums and archaeological sights of Chania: In September you can certainly avoid the crowds, both before you get in, and while you are enjoying them, which are great things to have during your well-deserved holidays.

September is one of the best times for your holidays in Chania. The weather is perfect, the water is warm and swimming is very pleasant, just like in the summertime, and visitors are fewer. No matter if you like swimming in the sea, or in the pool, we at Cretan Dream Resort & Spa will be right by your side to ensure you have everything you need for amazing September holidays in Chania.

Chania, Crete, is a natural fit to quality agritourism holidays. With many relevant activities all year round, there is always something interesting to do, when you are not relaxing in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa eco-friendly hotel.

Agritourism holidays in Chania, Crete come naturally to mind. The whole region of Chania is one of the prime places with agricultural products of the highest quality in Greece. And the hospitality offered in an eco-friendly hotel like Cretan Dream Resort & Spe can only enhance that experience.

The superb fresh agricultural and livestock products of Chania, and Crete in general, are arguably the best reason for agritourism holidays in the region. If you also combine this select experience with the stunning beaches and the wonderful weather in Chania, you have a destination that easily stands out.

Types of agritourism holidays and activities in Chania

Crete is a blessed island, full of fertile land, and with a great micro-climate for farming. Regarding agritourism, two of the most most popular activities are the following:

Olive harvest and olive oil

Crete is famous for its olives and its olive oil, which are considered to be among the best in the world. In the whole island, olive groves abound, and you can find them in both the plains and the mountain slopes.

Olive harvest in Chania and Crete takes place roughly between November and February, depending on the altitude, so if you are holidaying in the island at that time, you can participate in this select agritourism activity. After collecting the olives, the famous Cretan olive oil is being produced, by pressing the olives in the olive mills.

You will be impressed by the outstanding quality of the Cretan extra virgin olive oil. It is so distinctive, full of aroma and with very low acidity, that once you taste it, you will not want to use any other kind of oil for cooking or for your salads.

Local cheese production

The Cretan cheese is a “secret” delicacy that few know and can tell you about. Although you don’t often see them around the places that most tourists frequent, Chania and Crete are full of livestock, especially goats.

A popular agritourism activity during your holidays in the island could be feeding and milking the goats – which, by the way, are much easier to handle than bigger farm animals, like cows. And possibly an even better activity will be to taste the final product after processing the goat milk, the exceptional Cretan cheese.

Crete is famous all over Greece for its cheese, and especially its “graviera” (gruyere). Much of the splendid local cheese is exported, and you can find it in fine delicatessen shops all over the world, so, when in Chania, don’t forget to taste it in its source.

Agritourism holidays in Chania, Crete – Other superb local fresh products

The top-quality local fresh products you can find in Chania, are not limited to olives, olive-oil and cheese. Crete is also famous for its wine, and its “raki” spirit.

Raki is considered a family custom for many of the locals. The best quality raki is the one that is distilled in small family distilleries, in the so-called “rakokazana”, and the whole process is celebrated with a big feast.

If your holidays in Chania are during autumn, try to find a local that produces raki, and ask to join them in their feast. The Cretans are extremely hospitable, friendly people, and chances are you will take part in this centuries-old custom truly “like a local”. But keep in mind that some times the raki spirit is really strong (we warned you… :).

Other local products that are considered of the highest quality are the excellent thyme honey, and the Cretan herbs. Especially the latter are considered among the best in the world, and they are the equivalent of the “herbal gold” for the global pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Generally speaking, in Chania and Crete, the agritourism activities you can find during your holidays are of two kinds. The first kind are the formal, organized ones, where you can learn more and have a larger variety of relevant experiences. The second kind are the informal ones, where you are invited by a local (something very frequent in Crete), and you immerse yourself in the local culture.

Cretan Dream Resort & Spa is an eco-friendly hotel, and in some of its accommodation or experiences packages, it gives you the opportunity to taste some of the best local fresh products, from the farm, right to the table. Apart from that, we are at your service to research and arrange for you a Chania agritourism activity of your liking, that will definitely be one of the highlights of your holidays in Crete.

Chania is the place where you can have the best couples holidays of your life. And your stay in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa luxury spa hotel will greatly enhance your experience.

There is no better place for couples holidays than Chania. The city and the whole region is full of romantic places, where you can see and feel much more than you expect. And Cretan Dream Resort luxury spa hotel is here to make your vacation so much better.

Although the things you can do in your holidays as a couple in Chania are too much to mention in a single article, there are some places that stand out and considered the best. We’ ll see about all these – and more – right away.

Couples holidays in Chania – Welcome to one of the best destinations

Cretans really love to take care of couples and families as their guests. The long history of the island, spanning no less than 6 millennia, is full of myths and stories about couples. Possibly the most known of these myths is that of Zeus and Europe, who the king of the gods felt deeply in love with, and who he essentially abducted transformed into a stunningly beautiful bull.

All over the island, and especially in Chania, couples get the special treatment in their holidays. The Cretans themselves are very family-oriented people, and form strong relationships between them, and the close relationship between a couple is highly respected.

We do not exaggerate when we say that by far the biggest part of the tourism infrastructure in the island has been made with couples and families in mind. This way, it will be the best possible for their precious holiday time on the island.

Couples holidays in Chania – Best places to visit

The first place that comes to mind when visiting Chania as a couple, is the Old Town of Chania. It is a wonderful modern “labyrinth” of small alleys, where you can find everything: taverns and restaurants, cafes and bars, and shops of any kind.

The architecture of the Old Town is very interesting, with amazing buildings from the Venetian, the Ottoman and the modern Greek era, all lying side by side. And the magnificent Old Venetian Harbour to the south of the Old Town, is one of the finest examples of Venetian architecture at its best.

Another great place to visit as a couple is the village of Loutro in Sfakia, in south Chania. It is essentially a small fishing village by the sea, but it is so perfectly splendid that it has been voted as the most beautiful coastal village in the Mediterranean.

Loutro is relatively isolated – you can only get there by boat, and this is a large part of its charm. Apart from that, the crystal-clear water and the laid-back friendliness of the locals, all make Loutro the perfect place to unwind in your couples holidays and come closer to your significant other.

When holidaying as a couple in Chania, you will find lots of thing to do and experience. And your accommodation plays a large part in this, so it makes perfect sense to take some time and choose it wisely.

In Cretan Dream Resort luxury spa hotel, we always cater for, and go the extra mile for our guests, with only one thing in mind: to make your couples holidays in Chania an one-of-a-kind experience.

If you are looking for gastronomy and culinary holidays in Chania, Crete, you are in the right place – and in the right hotel

Gastronomy and culinary holidays in Chania, Crete, was the norm for every visitor to the island, even before the term appeared in travel terminology. Indeed, most visitors to Chania wanted to taste a bite from the famous Cretan diet since the 50s. Fast forward to today, and you have just discovered one of the best places to initiate yourself in the rich gastronomy tradition of Chania: Cretan Dream Resort & Spa.

The fresh produce of Chania and Crete is of the highest, world-class quality: The tasty vegetables, the exceptional extra virgin olive oil, the fresh fish, the meat from well-fed animals, the dairy products, the honey, the aromatic herbs, all these eclectic foods make the island a true paradise for gastronomy holidays. And staying in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa is probably the best way to explore this culinary treasure of Chania.

The long tradition of outstanding gastronomy in Chania and Crete – and how your stay in our hotel can turn your holidays into a culinary exploration


At Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, we want our visitors to experience the best of the Cretan tradition, and keep it in their hearts long after their holidays in Chania. And a large part of this tradition is the famous Cretan gastronomy.

They say that the key to an excellent dish is the quality and freshness of the food ingredients used to prepare it. And this is more than true for the Cretan cuisine. The island is known all over the world for its superb quality of fresh products, either agricultural, livestock or dairy. The unique climate in Chania and Crete, the fertility of the land, and the great experience of the local farmers and breeders, who pass the “secrets” for produce of superior quality from generation to generation, all contribute to the Cretan food products being among the top culinary delights in the whole world.

At Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, we celebrate this unique culinary tradition of Chania and Crete, and we help you come in touch with the very best the Cretan land has to offer. You can experience some of the basic agricultural activities, like harvesting the olives, or milking the goats, and taste some of the exceptional fresh local produce right in the source.

We can also help you arrange a specialized gastronomy holiday tour in Chania. It may be a traditional Cretan cooking lesson, or educating yourself in the culinary secrets and foundations of the Cretan diet, or tasting the best variations of the well-known Cretan wine. Just let us know what part of the Cretan gastronomy you want to explore, and we’ll help you start your Cretan culinary adventure on the right foot!

Gastronomy and culinary holidays in Chania and Crete – Cooking since the ancient Minoan times

The elite gastronomy in the island started no less than 5.000 years ago, when there were no hotels – and very few travellers, if any – on the island. This was the time of the beginning of the Minoan Civilisation, the first organized civilization in Europe.

The Minoans left behind some of the world’s most famous palaces, with unsurpassed architecture through the centuries. But the Minoan Civilisation had also a lot to do with fine tastes, as at that time the olive oil and wine, among other foods, that was produced in the island, was considered a culinary treasure, and it was exported and cherished in many parts of the then known world.

It is impressive to realize that after all these millennia, the foundations of the famous Cretan diet are still the same as in the ancient Minoan diet: olives and olive oil, whole grain cereals, fish, greens and herbs. And the world-famous Mediterranean diet is the direct descendant of the Cretan diet.

And this was only the beginning: Crete, being in the crossroads of three continents, has been a melting pot of civilizations since the ancient Minoan years, which has created a centuries-old, rich gastronomic tradition second to none. It is this tradition that has created amazing dishes like the delicious lamb with stamnagathi green, or the super-tasty Cretan fried snails, or the nutritious dakos salad, or the outstanding kalitsounia cheese pie, to name just a few.

In summary, all the above lead to one simple conclusion: regarding gastronomy, Chania and Crete are among the world’s top destinations for culinary holidays. So, during your visit in the island you should always have your eyes (and nose) open, to find and enjoy some of the best tastes in the world.

At Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, we know that the greatest holidays are the ones where you truly immerse yourself in the local traditions. And in Crete, the local gastronomy and the culinary tradition can very well be something you will remember for a long time after your holidays in Chania.

Learn more about the culinary events at Cretan Dream Resort & Spa.

Chania is made for romantic holidays and your accommodation at the ideally located Cretan Dream Resort & Spa will take things to the next level.

Chania in Crete is the perfect destination for romantic holidays. Especially if you arrange your stay in a luxury spa hotel, like Cretan Dream Resort & Spa.

The very first feeling that will spontaneously come to your mind the first time you set foot in the streets of Chania city, is “romance”. The city is full of treasures for the romantics, regardless age, nationality and culture.

Cretan dream Resort is a luxury spa hotel, ideal for romantic holidays. Apart from top accommodation, we can provide you with everything you need for a getaway that you will most possibly remember for a lifetime.

In this article we will examine the two places that are possibly the most romantic locations in Chania region to visit in your holidays. And the first – and most known by far – is…

Chania Old Town: Take your romantic holidays to another level

If it’s your first visit to Chania Old Town, you are in for quite a (very welcoming) shock: this outstanding part of Chania city will amaze you with its pure romantic qualities.

The essence of Chania Old Town cannot be described in words. It is many things at once. It is a labyrinth of cobbled streets, where you can get lost and enter another dimension of travel experience. It is a melting pot of friendly people from every corner of the world – and it was like that for many centuries before present-day tourism. It is the place where the Greek, the Venetian, the Ottoman, and the Jewish architecture have all left monumental buildings that your eyes will not be able to get enough from.

Amidst all this feast of the eyes, there are countless beautiful cafes, taverns, shops, bars and restaurants, with a romantic atmosphere second to none. Holidaying in Chania Old Town is truly an one-of-a-kind experience.

At night, the lights of the marvelous renovated buildings reflect on the water of the Venetian Harbour of Chania, the whole scene revealing the magical qualities of this blessed place, which is protected by the Greek Gods since the beginning of time… For many visitors, the reflections of the night lights in the Venetian Harbour of Chania are among the most romantic holiday scenes they have ever experienced.

Falassarna beach: Romantic holidays in the Chania sunset

Falassarna beach is located on the west part of Chania and Crete, and is arguably one of the best beaches on the island. It is also one of the most romantic ones.

The main beach is a long strip of fine sand, that is complemented by a sea with cool, crystal-clear water. But for all the romantic souls out there, the best, “secret” part of Falassarna beach is on its northern edge.

On the north part of the long beach, there are some scenic coves, that combine rocks with fine sands, and it’s the perfect place to isolate along with your loved one. On top of that (literally), there is an elevated spot, with a nice restaurant and a beautiful bar, where, at the right time at the end of the day, you can find yourself endlessly gazing towards the magnificent sunset of Crete.

Apart from its undisputed natural beauty, the orientation of the beach towards the west – and the sunset – is one of the things that clearly set Falassarna beach apart. This is a place where romantic holidays in Chania and beach culture go hand-in-hand, creating a select travel experience of a lifetime, made especially for you.

At the Cretan Dream Resort & Spa hotel in Chania we take help our guests design the perfect romantic activity itinerary. Learn more about our location and how we are perfectly positioned for the best romantic getaways in Chania.

Thodorou island dominates the coastline west of Chania city. It is an environmentally protected island, with a large population of Kri-kri, the Cretan wild goats.

Thodorou island is the small island in the sea of Chania, lying opposite the beach of Agia Marina. It is a distinctive island of pristine natural beauty, with a sizable population of Kri-kri, the rare Cretan wild goats, living on it.

The island of Thodorou perfectly complements the great beaches west of Chania city. It is uninhabited by people and not open to visitors, in order to protect its unique flora and fauna, including, of course, the Kri-kri wild goats.

The island dominates the beach landscape west of Chania city, in the area between Stalos and Platanias. You can clearly see it from the elevated vantage location of Cretan Dream Resort & Spa.

Thodorou island and the Kri-kri wild goats

Although it is not too far away from Agia Marina beach, the island of Thodorou is not easily accessible (you can only go there by boat). This fact, along with its unique natural environment, has lead the local authorities to declare the island a protected natural reserve in Chania.

The isolation of the island, along with its protected status, proved to be an ideal place for the breeding of the rare (and previously endangered) Kri-kri, the wild goats of Crete. Today, on the 700 sq m of the island live about 100 Kri-kri.

There is only a day each year when people can (cautiously) visit Thodorou: June 8th, the name day of Agios Theodoros (Saint Theodore), the patron saint of the island. This day the local boat services are allowed to transport visitors to Thodorou, so if you happen to be in Chania at that time, don’t lose your only chance to set foot on the island.

Thodorou island through history

The strategic location of the island of Thodorou in the sea west of Chania city, made it very important through the centuries. About 4.000 years ago, in the time of the Minoan civilization, the island was considered a sacred place. Historians believe that at that time there was a popular religious sanctuary on the island.

On the west side of the oblong island, there is a big cave. According to the local ancient legend, this is the open mouth of a big monster that attacked the area many centuries ago. Fortunately, and in order to protect the locals, the gods turned the monster into stone, and Thodorou is what remained of the petrified ancient monster. The cave, aka the open mouth of the monster, today is one of the playing fields for the many Kri-kri, the wild goats of Crete, on the island.

In the Venetian period, and in the 16th century, a big fortress was built on the island to protect all the surrounding region from the pirates and the Ottomans. The name of the fortress was San Teodoro, which was also the original name of the island, that in turn became Thodorou in recent history.

The island of Thodorou is a remarkable place, that you can’t fail to notice, when enjoying the great beaches west of Chania city. Its status as a protected natural reserve, along with the substantial population of the Cretan wild goats, the Kri-kri, that live on it, make it a very important part in the protection of the authentic local environment.

So now you know: When you are relaxing by the wonderful pool of Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, and you admire the panoramic elevated view to the sea, the island that you see in the middle of the sea of Chania, is the island with the untouched environment that is home to the local population of the Kri-kri wild goats: the magnificent Thodorou island.