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Chania agritourism holidays in an eco-friendly hotel

Chania, Crete, is a natural fit to quality agritourism holidays. With many relevant activities all year round, there is always something interesting to do, when you are not relaxing in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa eco-friendly hotel.

Agritourism holidays in Chania, Crete come naturally to mind. The whole region of Chania is one of the prime places with agricultural products of the highest quality in Greece. And the hospitality offered in an eco-friendly hotel like Cretan Dream Resort & Spe can only enhance that experience.

The superb fresh agricultural and livestock products of Chania, and Crete in general, are arguably the best reason for agritourism holidays in the region. If you also combine this select experience with the stunning beaches and the wonderful weather in Chania, you have a destination that easily stands out.

Types of agritourism holidays and activities in Chania

Crete is a blessed island, full of fertile land, and with a great micro-climate for farming. Regarding agritourism, two of the most most popular activities are the following:

Olive harvest and olive oil

Crete is famous for its olives and its olive oil, which are considered to be among the best in the world. In the whole island, olive groves abound, and you can find them in both the plains and the mountain slopes.

Olive harvest in Chania and Crete takes place roughly between November and February, depending on the altitude, so if you are holidaying in the island at that time, you can participate in this select agritourism activity. After collecting the olives, the famous Cretan olive oil is being produced, by pressing the olives in the olive mills.

You will be impressed by the outstanding quality of the Cretan extra virgin olive oil. It is so distinctive, full of aroma and with very low acidity, that once you taste it, you will not want to use any other kind of oil for cooking or for your salads.

Local cheese production

The Cretan cheese is a “secret” delicacy that few know and can tell you about. Although you don’t often see them around the places that most tourists frequent, Chania and Crete are full of livestock, especially goats.

A popular agritourism activity during your holidays in the island could be feeding and milking the goats – which, by the way, are much easier to handle than bigger farm animals, like cows. And possibly an even better activity will be to taste the final product after processing the goat milk, the exceptional Cretan cheese.

Crete is famous all over Greece for its cheese, and especially its “graviera” (gruyere). Much of the splendid local cheese is exported, and you can find it in fine delicatessen shops all over the world, so, when in Chania, don’t forget to taste it in its source.

Agritourism holidays in Chania, Crete – Other superb local fresh products

The top-quality local fresh products you can find in Chania, are not limited to olives, olive-oil and cheese. Crete is also famous for its wine, and its “raki” spirit.

Raki is considered a family custom for many of the locals. The best quality raki is the one that is distilled in small family distilleries, in the so-called “rakokazana”, and the whole process is celebrated with a big feast.

If your holidays in Chania are during autumn, try to find a local that produces raki, and ask to join them in their feast. The Cretans are extremely hospitable, friendly people, and chances are you will take part in this centuries-old custom truly “like a local”. But keep in mind that some times the raki spirit is really strong (we warned you… :).

Other local products that are considered of the highest quality are the excellent thyme honey, and the Cretan herbs. Especially the latter are considered among the best in the world, and they are the equivalent of the “herbal gold” for the global pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Generally speaking, in Chania and Crete, the agritourism activities you can find during your holidays are of two kinds. The first kind are the formal, organized ones, where you can learn more and have a larger variety of relevant experiences. The second kind are the informal ones, where you are invited by a local (something very frequent in Crete), and you immerse yourself in the local culture.

Cretan Dream Resort & Spa is an eco-friendly hotel, and in some of its accommodation or experiences packages, it gives you the opportunity to taste some of the best local fresh products, from the farm, right to the table. Apart from that, we are at your service to research and arrange for you a Chania agritourism activity of your liking, that will definitely be one of the highlights of your holidays in Crete.