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Gastronomy and culinary holidays in Chania, Crete, in an outstanding hotel

If you are looking for gastronomy and culinary holidays in Chania, Crete, you are in the right place – and in the right hotel

Gastronomy and culinary holidays in Chania, Crete, was the norm for every visitor to the island, even before the term appeared in travel terminology. Indeed, most visitors to Chania wanted to taste a bite from the famous Cretan diet since the 50s. Fast forward to today, and you have just discovered one of the best places to initiate yourself in the rich gastronomy tradition of Chania: Cretan Dream Resort & Spa.

The fresh produce of Chania and Crete is of the highest, world-class quality: The tasty vegetables, the exceptional extra virgin olive oil, the fresh fish, the meat from well-fed animals, the dairy products, the honey, the aromatic herbs, all these eclectic foods make the island a true paradise for gastronomy holidays. And staying in Cretan Dream Resort & Spa is probably the best way to explore this culinary treasure of Chania.

The long tradition of outstanding gastronomy in Chania and Crete – and how your stay in our hotel can turn your holidays into a culinary exploration


At Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, we want our visitors to experience the best of the Cretan tradition, and keep it in their hearts long after their holidays in Chania. And a large part of this tradition is the famous Cretan gastronomy.

They say that the key to an excellent dish is the quality and freshness of the food ingredients used to prepare it. And this is more than true for the Cretan cuisine. The island is known all over the world for its superb quality of fresh products, either agricultural, livestock or dairy. The unique climate in Chania and Crete, the fertility of the land, and the great experience of the local farmers and breeders, who pass the “secrets” for produce of superior quality from generation to generation, all contribute to the Cretan food products being among the top culinary delights in the whole world.

At Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, we celebrate this unique culinary tradition of Chania and Crete, and we help you come in touch with the very best the Cretan land has to offer. You can experience some of the basic agricultural activities, like harvesting the olives, or milking the goats, and taste some of the exceptional fresh local produce right in the source.

We can also help you arrange a specialized gastronomy holiday tour in Chania. It may be a traditional Cretan cooking lesson, or educating yourself in the culinary secrets and foundations of the Cretan diet, or tasting the best variations of the well-known Cretan wine. Just let us know what part of the Cretan gastronomy you want to explore, and we’ll help you start your Cretan culinary adventure on the right foot!

Gastronomy and culinary holidays in Chania and Crete – Cooking since the ancient Minoan times

The elite gastronomy in the island started no less than 5.000 years ago, when there were no hotels – and very few travellers, if any – on the island. This was the time of the beginning of the Minoan Civilisation, the first organized civilization in Europe.

The Minoans left behind some of the world’s most famous palaces, with unsurpassed architecture through the centuries. But the Minoan Civilisation had also a lot to do with fine tastes, as at that time the olive oil and wine, among other foods, that was produced in the island, was considered a culinary treasure, and it was exported and cherished in many parts of the then known world.

It is impressive to realize that after all these millennia, the foundations of the famous Cretan diet are still the same as in the ancient Minoan diet: olives and olive oil, whole grain cereals, fish, greens and herbs. And the world-famous Mediterranean diet is the direct descendant of the Cretan diet.

And this was only the beginning: Crete, being in the crossroads of three continents, has been a melting pot of civilizations since the ancient Minoan years, which has created a centuries-old, rich gastronomic tradition second to none. It is this tradition that has created amazing dishes like the delicious lamb with stamnagathi green, or the super-tasty Cretan fried snails, or the nutritious dakos salad, or the outstanding kalitsounia cheese pie, to name just a few.

In summary, all the above lead to one simple conclusion: regarding gastronomy, Chania and Crete are among the world’s top destinations for culinary holidays. So, during your visit in the island you should always have your eyes (and nose) open, to find and enjoy some of the best tastes in the world.

At Cretan Dream Resort & Spa, we know that the greatest holidays are the ones where you truly immerse yourself in the local traditions. And in Crete, the local gastronomy and the culinary tradition can very well be something you will remember for a long time after your holidays in Chania.

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