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September holidays in Chania: Weather, swimming and things to do

September holidays in Chania: Try them, feel the pleasant weather, experience the ideal water temperature while swimming, do all the great things Chania offers (exactly like in summer), and you will never look back…

September holidays in Chania? Absolutely! In fact, many visitors in-the-know who come to Crete again and again, prefer to visit the island this time of the year, when the weather and swimming conditions are ideal, and there is never a shortage of interesting things to do.

First of all, September holidays in Chania feels – and is – like summer holidays, albeit the place is less crowded than in August. Especially in the first half of September, in Crete you cannot tell the difference in weather from August (the fact that Crete is the southernmost part of Europe obviously helps…).

September holidays in Chania: Weather and swimming

Imagine swimming and sunbathing in the amazing beaches of Chania, with less people around than in the busy summer months. Now, imagine that the weather is great and the temperature of the crystal-clear water is warm, just like in the summer. This is what beach holidays in Chania in September look like.

Chania has some of the best beaches in Europe, like Elafonissi, Balos, Falassarna, and the Paleochora beaches, which draw an increasing number of visitors every holiday season. But why follow the crowds of August, and not visit in September, when the sea temperature in Chania is the same, but the people competing for “a place under the sun” are considerably less? Yes, you guessed it, September is the best month for your holidays in Chania, if swimming in the stunning local beaches are a big part of your schedule.

In September, there are still many visitors in Chania, but not as many as in August. On the other hand, the locals, who also flock to the beaches in August, go back to business-as-usual right after, so, although September is by any means not a “month of isolation”, it is much less crowded than August.

Regarding weather conditions, the first half of the month is practically the same as in August. In the second half there might be a passing shower once a week, or you may sometimes need a thin jacket at night, but the warm night breeze is welcoming, as in the daytime it is still pretty hot (and, did we say, great for swimming?)

September holidays in Chania: Things to do

Fact: In September there is not a thing less to do in Chania than in August. Everything on the island operates normally: the hotels, the taverns and restaurants, the cafes, bars and clubs, and 100% of the sights to see and the things to do. The only thing different is that you get to experience all of these with less people around (which is great for a popular destination like Chania).

It is in September that the magnificent Old Town and the adjacent Old Venetian Harbour of Chania are in their best. You need time and calmness to really take in the unique vibe of these one-of-a-kind places, and September is the best time to do so.

The same is true for your holiday visits to the splendid museums and archaeological sights of Chania: In September you can certainly avoid the crowds, both before you get in, and while you are enjoying them, which are great things to have during your well-deserved holidays.

September is one of the best times for your holidays in Chania. The weather is perfect, the water is warm and swimming is very pleasant, just like in the summertime, and visitors are fewer. No matter if you like swimming in the sea, or in the pool, we at Cretan Dream Resort & Spa will be right by your side to ensure you have everything you need for amazing September holidays in Chania.